5 Amazing Secrets of Success in Life


This is not the issue in Life that you are Male or Female, You are a youngster or a matured one.

It makes no difference at all, but if you implement these 5 secrets of success in your life then there is no goal or mission which would not be achieved by you.

An Indian Philosopher famed as Sant Kabir gifted 5 secrets of success in life to the people as under.

The secret of success No. 1

To Know Meaning and  Purpose of Life

Couplets of Sant Kabir.

Aya tha kis kam se, Tu soya Chadar taaan

(You came for what purpose, you slept covered with cloth sheet)

Surat Sambhal E Gafil, Apna aap Pehchan

(Hold  a forgotten , identify yourself)

Translation and Commentary.

It Elaborates that for what purpose you came in life and for what purpose you born? i.e. what is your purpose to live a purposeful life among the 600 crore people, certainly would be there some purpose and meaning of your life to live. First thirty years of our life passed in wait and think that if I got some degree would be successful, or if I got some job so would be successful, or if got a life partner so would be successful. The remaining thirties passes to think and hope that would I have some job or would I have got some other offer or would I have joined some course. The philosopher says that until and unless you don’t know the meaning and purpose of your life, you won’t explore your dreams to success. All of it is most important to know about the purpose of life for which you came. We make our life so complicated and starts to ask big philosophical questions about, that what is the meaning of life and what is the purpose of life, somebody has said very well. The meaning of life is to live meaningfully and purpose of life is to live purposefully. You are required to know for what purpose you to live.

Work hard, party harder become such a culture in which, nobody is ready to think and ask that in which direction I am going. Is it the same and right direction in which I am going, for which my real inner self and soul wishes to. Nobody is ready to think over it, we all are running aimlessly. The Sant says that rise and wake up and know that for what goal you came in life. All of any work in you must be known to you that what is the purpose for me to come. Somebody said a well that a man who does not have a purpose worth enough to die for, does not deserve to live, i.e who don’t have a purpose for which he can die for to work hard. He has no right to live for. It is to say that you are to know to live for purpose and direction. It would be discussed separately how to know about your direction and goal at another time.

Conclusion: Meaning of life is to live meaningfully and Purpose of life is to live Purposefully.

The secret of success No. 2

Find your core Strength

Couplets of Sant Kabir.

Jahan na Jaake Gun Lahe, Tahan na taako Tham

( where your talent no demand, there you should not stay or live )

Dhobi bas ke kya kare, Digambar ke Gaam

( At the place the dry cleaner not tostay, where people are naked lived)

Translation and Commentary.

Elaborates that the place where your talent and skills acknowledge evaluated so you are no required to stay over there because your talent and skills would not be appreciated there, where such people are not living who needs. In such locality where people do not wear the clothes and live naked without clothes if you establish a dry clean shop there so that is useless for them who don’t wear the clothes and live like Digambar means, naked people. So you have to go there where your skills are required and demanded. You rush there where your natural talent is in great demand, and if it is not there so you are like those where people do not a wearer of clothes. If you are frustrated and too stressful, anxious in your present situation then probably it’s time to THINK. Find a conducive place for your Talent and skills to be Fruitful.

Conclusion: Everybody seems to be a misfit in their carrier and future. Find your core strength

The secret of success No. 3


Couplets of Sant Kabir.

Nadiya, Daata Ek sam – Jo aave, so Det

(Nadi and Daata are same – who come so gets)

Hast Khumb Jiska Jisa – Utna hi bhar let

(Gets as much as its capacity – you take per capacity)

Translation and Commentary.

Elaborates that the water stream flowing and the Lord are of same in giving you, Water stream execute the thirst of thirsty and Lord is giving to everybody to fulfills of hopes of theirs, who come, but in getting it is different because everybody has different capacity forgetting. The person who came for big to get he should take as much as per his desire and capacity if it is high or low another way. Means that Your vision should be big and broad. Think Big and Dreams big. If your vision and desire are to top the certainly you should do and if you think small then you are failed.

Conclusion: As big you think you would get the big results in your life. So your life would be great.

The secret of success No. 4

Seek and you shall find it

Couplets of Sant Kabir.

Jin Dhunda Tin Paaya – Gehare Paani Painth

( who seek they find – in deeper water )

Jo boura Duban Dara – Raha Kinare Baith

(who reluctant to sunk – sat at sore)

Translation and Commentary.

Who sought and find in the deep water, and who feared to sink so remained to sit at sore remained deprived. We must know that the pearls are always in deeper waters, pearls are not at the sores. You must to dive in deeper to get it.  Your dreams are not be concluded by sitting at the sores you must dive in deeper sea. It is impossible at sores. You should take the risk. In a Chinese restaurant a waiter wearing a T-shirt written on it that A biggest risk in life is not to take the risk. Fear of failure is a great risk. The risk of sinking and risk of not leave sore is not likely to give you excellence in your life. If you will not overcome the fear of failure you won’t get the success. Conquering the Fear of Failure is the first step towards Success. Remember that where the probability of excellence is there the fear of sinking is there. So seek in deeper sea and fulfill your dreams.

The secret of success No. 5

Work Hard, Perseverance is the Key

Couplets of Sant Kabir.

Sharam se Sabkuch Hot hai – Man Jo Raakhe Dheer

(Hard work makes everything – if heart retains patience)

Sharam se khodat koop Jyun – Thal mai Prakate neer

(As well is dig with hard work – in desert water explored)

Translation and Commentary.

Without hard work nothing can be done. The people don’t know the real sense of hard-working. Nobody knows the definition of hard work. People presume to which real hard work is not hard work. Perseverance is the key to success. In those circumstances when everything seems impossible, the muscled people do the dumbbells, and the people like this go forward and this is the real hard-working otherwise is the wishful thinking. Today it is a big problem that we are ready to do ten things but not ready to complete one thing for 10 months. Sant Kabir says that you should be perseverance with hard work, be patience be. I know some of the people who are trying to lose weight. Everybody is trying to lose weight fast. If you search in google and type how to lose 40 kg weight the auto-suggestion # 1 will be that in one month, can you imagine, which is not possible even you lay on rail track? But people try to lose 40 kg in one month. This is the desire and efforts. They do 10 things for only one month but not do one thing for 10 months.

Conclusions: Consequently understand your direction, find your purpose, your field, Think and Attempt Big, Take Risk, Take Action, Work Hardest and achieve the Goal.