What are the Best Workout Routines for People Over 40


The workout is very vital in our lives, it helps our muscles to be healthy and strong. And it also keeps our body’s vital organs healthy and sharp. When you stop working out and do not exercise, you might be a victim of muscle weakness and stiffness. Which might be worse in the age above 40. This article will cover the best workout routines for people over 40 years.

As we grow older our goals with the workout changes, and here today I am writing about 6 best workout routines which can help you to achieve your fitness goals. Whatever they are, you must choose your workout according to your reasons.

Let’s move to our main point without wasting any time and see what are the best workout routines for people over 40 years.

6High-Intensity Interval Training

In short, if your goal is to burn extra body fat as efficiently as possible, then HIIT is the best option for you.

HIIT is short of High-Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is the small bursts of high-intensity exercises with shorter rests.

It increases your metabolic rate very significantly and also improves heart rate. This exercise routine has been very useful and effective in every age group. But as you hit the 40 years figure, it’s for sure that your body will have extra fat hanging around if you have been inactive for some time.

So, let me tell you the proper way of doing HIIT. You can literally do HIIT with any cardio equipment or any cardio exercise, you can also do two different exercises on alternate pauses.

For example, do the treadmill in high intensity i.e. 14 Kmph for 30 seconds or till you get out of stamina then do 30 seconds on low intensity i.e. 6 Kmph. Repeat it 10-15 times and you are done. Same you can do with rope jumping, cycling or any other cardio. Best time to do HIIT is in the morning. This might be one of the best workout routines for people over 40.

Remember, This is the best workout routine for fat burning.