12 Incredible Benefits of Giving up Alcohol Have Been Found


You could have enjoyed numerous drinks with your family, friends or at parties. And you must have enjoyed them a lot, and till now you must be thinking that without having alcohol on those spots wouldn’t be made them much special. But do you know that giving up alcohol has more lasting and healthy benefits, rather than having it on a regular basis? This article will cover the amazing benefits of giving up alcohol.

13What is Dry January?

Every year a UK based charity organization named, Alcohol Change UK, organizes a 1-month event i.e. Dry January. The main focus of this initiative is to encourage citizens to give up alcohol for one month and then ask them to observe the health and other benefits they could have due to Dry January.

It is clearly logical that giving up alcohol can make you healthier. Regular consumption of alcohol is a major risk of cancers, liver disease, and cardiovascular diseases, among other issues.

Dr. Richard de Visser from the University of Sussex led conducted a research on the participants of Dry January of 2018, and he provided a complete detail of benefits that people asked to feel and have in the long and short term. A total of 2,821 participants have filled the online survey provided by Dr.

Data collected from participants clearly have shown that there are incredible benefits of giving up alcohol for at least one month.