Can We Eat Curd At Night? – Is it Safe to Eat Yogurt At Night


Curd or Yogurt is very useful for your gut, stomach, and your overall health. It contains good fats, a good amount of protein and good bacteria which are very essential for our gut. In this article, I will tell you that is it safe to eat curt at night or before going to bed?

Curd or Yogurt is a fermented form of milk that is made by adding live bacteria to it. According to Healthline, 245 grams of yogurt contains 8.5 grams of the whole protein.

Should you eat curd at night or not

It also contains carbs, sugar, calcium, and some very essential vitamins and minerals. So far, we can conclude that Yogurt is nutritionally excellent for our health and body. We should not miss it in our daily eatings and must use it in our daily life to get all of its benefits. You can more about Yogurt nutrition and benefits on MedicalNewsToday.

It is a good source of bioavailable proteins, vitamins, and calcium which can strengthen your body.

Without wasting any further time, let’s see if we can eat curt at night, or is it safe to eat yogurt before sleeping at night?

Should Not Eat If

Victim of Cold or Cough:

If you are having a cough or victim of cold flu, then you must clearly avoid having curd at night before going to bed. It is because, according to Ayurveda, eating curd at night develops mucus and in this way, flu can get harder on you. So, in this case, avoid having it at night.

Swelling or Inflammation:

You should also avoid having it at night if you have any swelling or inflammation in any of your body parts or joints. It will create more complications.

Suffering From Allergy or Asthma:

In some cases, it can cause serious complications by blocking the breathing pipe.

Heavy to Digest

Eating curd at night is heavy to digest, and it can cause some acidity in your stomach. But if you are not suffering from any cold or inflammation and you want to eat curd at night, then add some sugar or black pepper to it and then consume it. This will aid the digestion process.

Right Ways to Eat Curd At Night

You can consume curd at night in the right ways, as I have told you in the previous point that adding some sugar or black pepper to the bowl of curd can make it more digestible.

You can also add it to various other recipes and add to your diet in dinners.

Curd Rice

Add some curd to boiled rice and consume it. You can also add some sugar according to your taste.


It is a traditional recipe, it is prepared using gram flour, buttermilk and probably adding some yogurt. You can check the Kadhi Recipe here.


Raita is a mixture of yogurt and some vegetables like onion, cucumber, some spice, and salt. It is also made with mint, cumin, green chillis, salt, and yogurt. You mix ’em up and it’s ready. Want to make raita, check the recipe here.

Some other recipes include:

  • Lassi
  • Sweet Curd
  • etc.

In this way, you can consume curd at night if you want to. Also, keep in mind that don’t miss it in your daily diet and daily routine.