The World’s 20 Most Useless Inventions Ever


Did you ever experience and benefitted from any inventions? Probably you did. But there also happened some inventions in the world that couldn’t possibly be beneficial for anyone.

Every invention has a creative mind behind it but is there also a creative mind behind a useless invention? Probably yes!

This article is going to be quite interesting, you should follow along. Here are the 20 most useless inventions that ever happened.

Swiss Army Shovel?

Farmers! I have found something very useful to you.

Full Body Umbrella ?

Head-Mounted Toilet Paper Dispenser ?

The next one will make you cry with laughter when you see them. ? Click the next button below to see.

Control Alt Delete Wand ?

Did you ever used it for your PC, I don’t think you need it in 2020.

Solar Powered Cigarette Lighter ?

The perfect one for you, if you live in a sunny climate and hard to find matches or lighters ?

Portable Chin Rest ?

Ahh! I need it while traveling in the metro, I always get sleepy!

In the next inventions, you will be finding some new ideas to eat food while driving. ? Click the next button below.

Subway Sleep Support ?

Steering Wheel Tray ?

Now you can eat while traveling! But please make sure you don’t spill your drink while rotating the steering wheel ??

Snow Ball Maker ?

This is something really creative I think! What do you think?

Do you need help while doing makeup? If yes, then the next one is for you ? It will help girls but boys will enjoy it the most. Click next below to see it.

Lipstick Assistant ?

I can’t say anything, do you want to say anything about it? Write down in the comments below…

Shoe Umbrella ?

Are you very possessive and caring about your shoes? Haha, then you can use these umbrellas over your shoes.

Picnic Pants ?

Why I didn’t die before seeing it? I have nothing to say!

Are you very much caring for your pets? The next one is absolutely for pet lovers. You can protect their butt. ?? Click the next button below.

Pet Butt Covers ?

Show love for your pet! They also need a butt cover like us ?

Incognito Bare Foot Shoes ?

This is something really deceptive.

Butterstick ?

Ahh! I also need this. I will keep it in my pocket so that I can eat butter bread whenever I go to any bakery. ??

You need help while putting eye drops? The next one is the perfect eyedropper, it might really have helped many people. But it also deserves this list. ? Click next below to see it.

The Perfect Eyedrop ?

Don’t tell anyone about this! This is something really creative. But do you think the drop will reach to your eyes? Tell me in the comments below.

Noodles Fan ?

Get cooling for your noodles.

Baby Mop ?

He looks cute on that!

You will die out of laughter after seeing the first two. ??

Car Clothes Dryer ?

Now I can dry my clothes whenever I go somewhere in my car.

Diet Water ?

Are you for real? Who else needs this diet water to lose weight? ??

Hahaha! I hope you enjoyed this list, I have put very much effort into creating this amazing and funny list. Please tell me in comments below, did you like it?

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